Off the Clock

Warner—built like a refrigerator and sheathed in tattoos—is the proud owner of Wink’s Bar, a 200-square-foot diner in downtown Richmond, a tin-can rendezvous for townies and transients, gear heads and grad students, artists and accountants alike.

A Forest Built By Hand

But to drive through the semi-arid Sandhills on Highway 2 and find the Bessey Nursery and Nebraska National Forest is, in some ways, to stumble upon Area 51, a complex tucked deep in the wilderness, a testing ground hidden in the desert, out of sight, out of mind, out of context.

The H. L. Mencken Show

By the time I stumbled upon Prejudices, a selection of Mencken’s essays, at a used bookstore in Lincoln, Nebraska, I felt as if I’d known the cigar-chomping wise guy for years, even though I hadn’t read a word of his professional canon.

My Cousin, the Cowboy Poet

Cowboy poetry was spawned on the trail drives north from Texas after the Civil War, as cowhands killed time around the campfire, telling stories to the rhythm of traditional ballads and the popular poetry of the time: Byron, Tennyson, Longfellow.